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I’ve always known that “I’m not like most people”.

I’m just not.

It’s not that I’m ‘spectacular’ in any sort of way.
Or stunningly beautiful, because I’m not.
I have nothing to boast about career-wise.

Neither am I lofty, donating my time to some sort of cause.
And I cannot claim that I am accomplished at anything noteworthy, not really.

However, if we look at the human side, the “what makes people tick” – really.
Their need to feel loved and to be loving. To be understood, respected, heard,
to be adored, and to feel ‘special’’ wanted, desired, and purposeful to others;
a sense of belonging and  connectedness to some one else; we call ‘lover’, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, life long partner, husband, or wife .. . all the tangled webs we weave, just being, being ‘who we are’. seeking pleasure, comfort and connectedness. In this there lies compassion.

This “Passion”, this individual spark, this intimate, vulnerable, inexplicable, wondrous, subjective side of each of us is riddled with hurts, pain and sadness – but also of joy and wonder, laughter and beauty; amazement.

Where do you ‘belong’? What sings your hearts song? What keeps you awake at night? What makes you cry? What soothes your soul; brings you solace?

How many times have you poured your heart out only to be fooled, or to be crushed, or to be dumbfounded at where you find your life to be, and wondering what compelling dogma led you into such a scape?

These matters of the heart; what lies deeper than the surface, what is of the core, this place we get caught up in .. . the ‘defining moments’ in life that we all are either celebrating in or striving to regain composer after suffering tragic blows that set us into despair until be reign again. This cycle, the stuff that makes a man a human being is the life blood that I find fascinating and confounding, it’s where my being gravitates. It is where I can see the big picture and where I find an innate, intrinsic understanding,
without labels, certainty, or  judgments.

It is what makes sense to me – or if it does not I must continue to listen to my journey and find meaning, an understanding of, an “ah-ha” moment or series of moments.

Without knowing why or why not, or even ‘how’, I seek what lies beneath … because ‘knowing’ is what we can find there. We can find ourselves. We can be set free.

We can belong, some where, and find Solace.



aeh – March 21, 2015
8 days until My Moms Birthday

I think of her, now
my stone,
my power, my hidden strength
my kindred spirit.

TodaY, toDay


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Guidleines to getting what you want by improving your conversation skills   Leave a comment


Getting What You Want – Understanding Human Nature
Improving Your Conversation Skills

We Are Here To Understand Each Other Not To Fight
by HTB | March 26, 2012

People struggle for a feeling of importance. When we deal with people it is important to remember that we are creatures of emotions, feelings, and prejudices rather than creatures of logic. Getting along with others and knowing how to influence them is knowledge.

The art of influencing others is relational to your understanding about human nature. When starting a conversation have your thoughts thoroughly prepared, and smile. A smile is so powerful, I cannot stress its significance enough.

The expression on your face is more important than anything else!   

Even when talking on the phone you need to smile; your smile come through your voice! It is a way of stating that you are  friendly and open to communication and accept the presence of the other person.

People always think about themselves and like themselves much more than they care about any one else in the world. If you want to get along with others and be a good conversationalist, learn to be a good listener first and give the other person a chance to say what he or she wants to say. Just listening to another person gives them a sense of importance.

A good example of what it takes to be influential is when you are on a job interview and you ask yourself, “what does the company want form me?” If you can use that skill to talk about what others want and how or what you can do that will be beneficial to them you will be well on your way to being the beneficiary to everything in the world.

You cannot correct a situation that you condemn with criticism and condemnation and is a useless and dangerous weapon. Your explanations should be addressed with a pleasant voice while inspiring enthusiasm! You must maintain a feeling of respect for their beliefs and feelings and show how a changeable decision would be a desirable interest that will benefit them.

Whenever you’re in a dilemma regarding how to react ask yourself; “how would you feel or react if you were in the other person’s shoes”! Your degree of having a successful conversation and outcome id directly proportional to the amount of control you have over your own thoughts, feeling and reactions.

What you really want is found through obtaining an understanding of each other, not in ‘fighting’ it out. Never tell anyone that they
are wrong. If you have something to prove do it in a manner so that no one thinks you are doing it. Help them find the truth within themselves. Do not act aggressive or superior. Say things like; “it is my understanding …”, “maybe you are right and I am wrong, but I think …”, or “I see this situation as  .. “
Make a decision to leave the person a feeling of dignity and one of understanding.

Everything is possible if you want it and know how to make it happen.

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