"I’m not like most people"

  I’ve always known that “I’m not like most people”. I’m just not. It’s not that I’m ‘spectacular’ in any sort of way. Or stunningly beautiful, because I’m not. I have nothing to boast about career-wise. Neither am I lofty, donating my time to some sort of cause. And I cannot claim that I am […]

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Mind Power Techniques

Talking directly to your subconscious using mind power techniques This article contains a neat little trick that allows you to completely bypass your conscious mind to talk directly to your subconscious.       I want to talk a little about the subconscious mind before I give you the details of this trick. The conscious, […]

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How to Change Your Thoughts

How to Change Your Thoughts by Steven Aitchison on November 26, 2010 What is a thought? We first have to define what a thought is. A thought, in its basic form, is an electrical impulse which sparks neurons firing in your brain to produce some kind of feeling within you.  These impulses can be triggered […]

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Power of Subconscious

Introduction to Power of Subconscious Mastering power of subconscious begins with learning how to center yourself. We will begin with a short history of the subconscious within the field of psychology, then I will guide you through the Power of Subconscious Centering Meditation. In traditional psychology, the subconscious, also known as the unconscious, is believed […]

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