Unfamiliar Freedom

* Unfamiliar Freedom * * To immerse oneself in all our familiar comforts does not set us free * To follow only what we think we need and want does not set us free * To believe with certainty what is best for us and strive for it does not set you free * To […]

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Getting Over Getting Over It

* * I spend most all of  my time avoiding the fact that I’m alone with no one to relate to, with no one to love, without anybody to dream and laugh with, without that special other who completely loves me, knows me, and what I need., when I need it. How to touch me, […]

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Sitting Pretty

. . Sitting Pretty when you’re not looking do you consider me what i’m thinking why i stay away did you know that i do your not mine and i’m a nobody’s girl suffocated by those who were looking at me looking back at them willing then took their kill i stay away even when […]

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It’s Possible

. It’s Possible Like a child in summer having arrived at the beach for the first time I thrived, basking in the possibilities The season could not stop me It was November and I just turned twenty-one It was cold, very cold in the water Only the moonlight to find my way into the waves […]

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* * Moments Slip So quickly by   Kind When not the moments By the wayside left to fall   The perfect moment this night did befall Colored with humming flight seeking nectar Flowering tumbled colours hillside canyon soaked in greens Coming into the night Valley lights shone below like crystalline-starry   embers banned with […]

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‘4’for 13 13

April 13th, 2013 | 4/13/13 I want to go home have a home have a reason be loved have a lover find happiness           again I want to be away from the toxicity of loathing dislike and negativity • NOT HIS fault;JT I’m invading his home life It’s my fault really I hate that no […]

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