The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes – Extraordinary People

The story of Ben Underwood –

This is an incredibly inspirational documentary about 14 year old blind boy who lost both of his eyes at the age of three due to retinal cancer. Driven by his willfulness and ‘can do’ attitude, led by a loving and supportive family who enables him, Ben has developed a navigational system to manuvure around his enviromnet by using echo-location.
Ben uses sound waves produced with his own palatal clicking which in turn reflects off  of the objects around him, much in the same as dolphins and bats genetically do; using sound to ‘see’ with. Ben is able to ride a bicycle, go rollerblading, play basketball, surf, and is an avid user of video games such game boy. He walks himself to school and interacts with family and friends as if he were actually sighted.
Ben’s heroic journey of profound inspiration is as fascinating as it is heartwarming. And, there is much more to Ben than meets the eye .. . he began writing his own novel when he was in the fourth grade and writes at a college level, and he types 60 wpm on a regular keyboard. His novel is Science-fiction and has completed 20 chapters. He loves Japan and is learning Japanese. Ben wants to be an inventor, a writer, an actor and video game designer.  Full of ideas – the sky is the limit for this young man, with a spirit to match!

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, Ben Underwood and his mother Aquanetta at New Hope.


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