Esoteric is one of my favorite words. how are you esoteric?


This is a very good question.
I love words, by the way .. .

I can tell you this; that honestly I can be known to go into a conscience
stream of writing when my mind reels onto correlations, meanings, the
depth and the breadth of passionate pondering. And that for some reason
or another I don’t believe that others share this same connection to such things.

I rather see thoughts & feelings as an extended & entwined piece of
artwork that can have stark, simplistic and vast … even profound insight
and variance   … towards  meaning and discovery.

Any manner of the minds view, stance or tendencies together with
unlimited combination’s of byways .. .  experiences and that which can observed, materialize differently depending on each enlightened aspect.

Superficial, who has time for it?

"The meaning to which all merging"  …   I believe the conceptual  relevance that could be invoked perhaps goes unnoticed, at large, by others.

… In  that which is ‘sensed’ – whereas an explanation of such would
likely be lost in the attempt of the telling.


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