It was – just like a ghost, …

It was …




         It was just like a ghost, …



The Rain that came this night had moments of

Rushing pour yet with fierce determination came the wind.


Sweeping through the overgrown ficus tree where it’s

Branches had become entangled among the rooftop eve’s


Whistling havoc wherever empty spaces drew a path upwards.

Attacking swiftly, then as quickly as the movements had come,


   They had gone. 


Silence, complete and utter silence.


What shall be offered within this stirring

Essence of ghost-like synergy?


Be it of destruction or delight?


    Her senses had become ever more keen


           Aware of each tangible string and web of sound.


An eeriness overcame her acquaintance


   Presently made aware of the cool 

       Movements enveloping her



        .. . It was just like a ghost.



   She slowly glanced upward


      With the curiosity

          And assurance of anything

              Except that of which she was familiar.



  Ah, it was only the wind


  Freely sweeping in from the open door,


  Bringing with it the damp cold.



The door, it had been shut..


Yet with that thought she quickly became

Reminded of its compromised structure.


Left tampered, its hinges ajar

Broken and splintered


  Then just left there like that


  By the hands of her lover.


    With force equal to that of a broken heart


Rushing to resolve the flurry of pain that


    Certainly her lips, her kiss, her body


        Next to his would soften and quiet.


Her soft-silken skin and scent of bliss

Would cover him in contentment.


 ~ Their bodies entwined


…Yet this night ..sadly, unrequited

His sullen heart would be.


..With rush of sudden sadness

In swept the wind ~

April 2010


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