The Unified Field | Quantum Physics

The Unified Field | Quantum Physics and
Cosmological Understandings of Universal Forces

You’ve heard ​of quantum physics, right?

Quantum psychics, science dealing with the behaviour of matter and light on the atomic and subatomic scale. It attempts to describe and account for the properties of molecules and atoms and their constituents—electrons, protons, neutrons, and other more esoteric particles such as quarks and gluons. These properties include the interactions of the particles with one another and with electromagnetic radiation (i.e., light, X-rays, and gamma rays).

Quantum theory – fundamental theory of matter and energy that explains facts that previous physical theories were unable to account for, in particular the fact that energy is absorbed and released in small, discrete quantities (quanta), and that all matter displays both wavelike and particlelike properties

The behaviour of matter and radiation on the atomic scale often seems peculiar, and the consequences of quantum theory are accordingly difficult to understand and to believe. Its concepts frequently conflict with common-sense notions derived.

Quantum Physics is also the study of the forces that act on atomic and subatomic entities.

There are five main ideas represented in Quantum Theory:

  • Energy is not continuous, but comes in small but discrete units.
  • The elementary particles behave both like particles and like waves.
  • The movement of these particles is inherently random
  • It is physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum
    of a particle at the same time. The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in.

Quantum Physics also studies the fields through which forces move. Example of fields are the gravitational field and electromagnetic field. A field can extend throughout a large region of space so that its influence is all-pervading.

Standard quantum physics has three primary areas of focus:

  • Quantum mechanics: The study of the structure and behavior of subatomic particles.
  • Quantum electrodynamics: QED – A “field” theory of the interaction primarily of electrons and the electromagnetic field; a theory of light (photons).
  • Quantum chromodynamics: A theory of the strong force, and the interactions of quarks and gluons.

Quantum Physics Models:
There is not one quantum theory, but many theories, each interpreting the same body of experimental facts:

  • The Standard Model (the most widely accepted theory)
  • String Theory
  • Many Worlds Theory
  • Super Symmetry Theory
  • Transactional Interpretation (wave-dominant theory)
  • Space Resonance Theory (Wave Structure of Matter) (wave- dominant theory)

Quantum theory evolved in an endeavor to understand the fundamental properties of matter. Albert Einstein coined the term “Unified Field Theory,” which describes any attempt to unify the fundamental forces of physics between elementary particles into a single theoretical framework.

It was Einstein’s deep conviction that the laws of nature had a simple, geometric, unified foundation and that this unification could be understood by the human intellect. In an attempt to construct such a unified theory, he devoted the later part of his life to extending his geometric theory of gravity, known as general relativity, to include the electromagnetic force. Unfortunately, the theoretical tools and understanding needed to achieve such a unification were not yet available.

Progress during the past decade has led to a more unified understanding of the laws of nature in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories.  The parallel discovery of a unified field of consciousness raises fundamental questions concerning the relationship between the two.

The discovery of the Unified Field occurred in several steps. First, progress in quantum physics brought to light that all phenomena in nature can be understood in terms of different, underlying quantum fields. In particular, physicists discovered that all the known, dynamic interactions in nature can be described in terms of four separate fundamental force fields—the force fields of the electromagnetic, weak, strong, and gravitational interactions. With progress in unified quantum field theories, however, it was realized that all these different force fields (as well as the different matter fields) are simply different aspects of one single Unified Field of Natural Law, the holistic transcendental field underlying all manifest phenomena found in Nature.

The discovery that the Unified Field is a field of complete self-referral dynamism at the basis of nature’s functioning gives rise to a new, unified understanding of the fundamentals of creation. Since self-referral is the characteristic quality of consciousness, and since the Unified Field of Natural Law is a completely self-referral field, it is natural to conclude that the unmanifest, quantum-mechanical Unified Field of Natural Law is identical* with the field of consciousness in its pure, self-referral state. The self-referral state of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, or pure consciousness, is a state in which consciousness knows itself in a completely self-sufficient manner; consciousness is its own subject, its own object, and its own subject-object relationship.

The Unified Field is an intelligent field of energy that permeates everything.
This living
energetic essence is the seat of the soul and is the
container within
which our life and the entire universe exists.

unifiedfieldtree      folblack      unifiedfieldgeese      unifiedfieldworm 

The Unified Field is a scientifically proven intelligent field of energy
that permeates and connects everything in the world and universe.

We, ourselves, are part of this vast dynamic field of inter-connectivity and energy exchange.

It is an unseen energy source, multidimensional in nature, and permeating all space. It is above and around our planetary body, in the atmosphere, near the ground and reaches deep into the very core of our Earth. It connects human consciousness and even bridges our planet with the universe.

The Unity Matrix gives the Unified Field its form. It is likened to the meridian pathways of the human body through which electrical impulses travel from point to point throughout the entire nervous system.

In acupuncture, the use of needles communicates the intent and sensation to create positive change in the energy flow of the nerve meridians. Likewise, thought and feeling intention by individuals and groups sent into the Unity Matrix create change in the nature and flow of information transferred within the Unified Field.

Through a real life experiential program, Children of the Sun Foundation also discovered just how profoundly powerful a tool it can be in the transformation of consciousness by ordinary people.


Scientific Resources:

Scientists and quantum physicists have produced a plethora of quantifiable research that offers sound evidence that the Unified Field exists and that our thoughts and emotions are capable of profoundly affecting all aspects of our lives and world.

It is also through proven research that the quantity of collectively focused, meditative people needed to affect major change for a given population is the square root of one percent. This means that only 8,000 of us engaged in collective meditation are needed to affect transformation on a global scale! Can you now begin to understand the impact we can have with the Unity Transmissions. We are well over this mark in the numbers of people joining us in collective global effort!

The Unity Matrix


According to the cutting-edge scientific theory of quantum physics, there is a direct relationship between our physical reality and an energy field known as the Unified Field or “field of possibility”. This field is affected when focused thought and feeling intention is projected onto it. The Unity Matrix is the means of sending these thoughts and intentions.

“Unity Matrix” is the term used to describe the complex grid-like pathway or matrix of high-frequency energy transference that is part of the Earth’s energy field. Much like a telecommunications system, its energy travels from one “power cell” of consciousness to another. Examples of these power cells are mountains, pyramids and vortexes, places on the Earth with high-energy concentration.

When individuals or groups consciously connect with the matrix, it’s like making a phone call. Your phone connects you to the power cell and allows communication to take place. On the Unity Matrix, these “calls” are acts of intended energy transference. Instead of talking, one thinks and feels from the purity of heart intention. In so doing, profound changes can be manifested.



The Unity Matrix is a pathway of communication and energy transfer. This worldwide energetic web, can be viewed as a transitory bridge, leading us from one grid of consciousness to another.

Its purpose is to support the planetary evolution of consciousness leading us away from the program of separation and into a truer reality of union, harmony and goodwill towards all life

Collective unified intention through meditative focus is the most potent transformation tool that is being encouraged through this influential program.


The Unified Field

If everything you see, taste, touch, smell and hear is a part of your consciousness and consciousness is a form of energy, then what is the world we see? It’s called the Unified Field, which suggests everything is energy and therefore everything is connected. It is influenced by something called the Global Consciousness. The Global Consciousness is in simplest terms, a collective consciousness. The collective energy of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, experiences, etc. Each of us contributes to it. It acts mostly as a governing force to the world and how the world operates according to how we think and believe.

The “Unity Transmissions” is a proven program that joins thousands of people together every new and full moon to enter into heart-centered group consciousness and to strengthen our connection with the Divine Presence.

By synchronizing our thoughts into a matrix of pure intention, we are co-creating a harmonic resonant field that vibrates as a living entity of influential intelligence.

Further, this Unity Matrix holds the frequency encodments to our greater human potential because it has been built by people who have awakened and actualized Divine Consciousness!

Serving as an extension of this powerful unity network, we can each receive and transmit pure, love-based frequencies to and from the geographic locations in which we live. We build our own networks of light and the channeled webbing expands into greater fields of global coherence.

This extraordinary field of unification creates an influential forcefield capable of healing and transforming the multitude and reaching into every corner of the world.

The goal of the Unity Transmissions is to amplify the power of love on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in conscious frequency will eventually eliminate the program of conflict and suffering from our planet.

How it Works –

The Unity Transmissions are focused acts of energy transference, uniting and linking our collective consciousness to become one purified, highly tuned vibrational field.

It uplifts us into a higher vibrational frequency where new conscious perceptions can be discovered. It is then that we can truly heal and be transformed.

 The Unity Transmissions occur over a full 24-hour period on each day of the new and full moon. There is a synchronized meditation period from 8-9 pm in all time zones. This creates a building unified wave of energy, sustained for a 24-hour period and rippling across the globe.

On these days:

  • Consciously set your intention to connect and receive.
  • Hold this intention throughout the entire day, a full 24 hours.
  • Set aside some private time to enter into a calm and silent space, preferably at 8 pm. If you cannot make the unified mediation at 8 pm, choose another hour for a dedicated meditative space.
  • Stay consciously aware of the Divine Presence within throughout the entire day.
  • Feel this Divine Presence as one with the entire group energy field.


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When we discover that all beings are part of the seamless fabric of creation, it naturally awakens in us a sense of connection with and compassion for the rest of life.  We automatically broaden our scope of empathy and concern when we realize that we are inseparable from all that exists. We
no longer see ourselves as isolated entities whose being stops at the edge of our skin, and whose empathy stops with our family, or our race, or our nation.  We see that, because we all arise simultaneously from a deep ocean of life-energy, a vital connection always exists among all beings.

The new paradigm that is emerging represents a convergence of insights from modern science and the world’s spiritual traditions.  At the heart of the new paradigm is a startling idea — that our cosmos is not a fragmented and lifeless machine (as we have believed for centuries) but is instead a unified and living organism.  Although it is new for our times, the idea that the universe is alive is an ancient one.  More than two thousand years ago, Plato described the universe as “one Whole of wholes” and “a single Living Creature which  encompasses all of the living creatures that are within it.

Although there is no clear agreement among scientists as to what constitutes a living system, it seems reasonable that if our cosmos
is alive, it would exhibit specific properties that are characteristic of all life — such as being a unified entity, having some form of consciousness, and being able to reproduce itself.  As we shall explore, these are among the properties of our universe that are emerging from modern science.

Duane Elgin


A Scientific Programme to Create Lasting World Peace 2013-4-7 8-41-34

This document offers a practical, scientifically proven programme for peaceful conflict resolution and for the creation of lasting World Peace. This approach to World Peace eliminates the root cause of conflicts and wars—lack of coherence due to accumulation of stress in collective consciousness—and thereby establishes a permanent state of peace and harmony for all nations.

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