Is it Possible To Overcome Procrastination?

My answer is: Yes. While some may think that procrastination is part and parcel of everyday living and it will be experienced in everything we do, this belief comes from not truly understanding what causes procrastination. Life is certainly not about procrastinating and putting off doing things. By fully understanding what causes procrastination and dealing with the problem at the root, it is the first step to overcoming it.

So if that’s the case, how can you address procrastination?

Procrastination: Symptom of the Issue

To overcome procrastination, you must first realize that procrastination isn’t the real issue.

Procrastination is just the symptom of the issue. The same goes for laziness, poor time management, or lack of self-discipline.
Most people are quick to pinpoint these as the root causes of problems because these are the most accessible answers. The real
reason is something underneath that.

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