Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover)

Somebody That I Used To Know – dedication to Guy Mosier

   Eln 7-Aug 2012 No matter how I feel about you, then or now,   y o u   deceived me; lied to me, made a fool of me, made a mockery of my life.
What was precious and necessary to me – you destroyed. And you destroyed it in the most blatant, unkind, traumatic, brutal, and cruelest of end-all manners – forever permanent … you left me with damages – in every conceivable way.
Damages that no amount of money could ever substantiate, cannot be replaced, what you robbed me of … chaos and emptiness you blindsided me with.

You completely, callously left me . . . broken, depleted and unprepared for such … not from you, or so I thought.   Y  O U   failed me, and I want you to take that to your grave. I don’t care how long it takes you to realize just what you have done.  I know that you will.  I know things, I just   k n o w   certain things.  I just do.
This, all of this, I never wanted it; I didn’t ask for it, you gave it to me.  You handed it over to me. I didn’t want it, don’t want it and Mr. – you can have it all back, it’s yours — came from you — and to you it shall return. You will then know of the horrible injustice you committed. You will know of the empty senseless, endless hours of pain that you left me with … on my own to figure out.

You will know of it — all of it. It will come back to its rightful owner- Guy Mosier.

You will never forget; I won’t let you.

As for me, I am gone.  Gone, gone, gone,


aeh/s  |  1-3-2012


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