Mind Power Techniques

Talking directly to your subconscious using mind power techniques

This article contains a neat little trick that allows you to completely bypass your conscious mind to talk directly to your subconscious.



Mind Power Techniques


I want to talk a little about the subconscious mind before I give you the details of this trick.

The conscious, preconscious, subconscious minds and mind power techniques

Our conscious mind is our rationale.  It is our waking conscious thoughts, actions and speech.  It includes our feelings, perceptions and sensations within our current awareness.  We also have something called the preconscious mind where information is stored that we need frequently and it can be draw upon very quickly when necessary.  Then we have our subconscious which contains all the information from all the experiences we have ever been though or witnessed from everyday in our life to date.  It also holds our most sacred beliefs about ourselves and others and our emotions.  Experiencing feelings and not knowing why consciously is the work of the subconscious mind!

The conscious mind is also known as the gate keeper to the subconscious.  So for example if someone tries to tell you something that conflicts with what you already believe, although your hear and understand what they are saying, the conscious mind will filter the information so it never reaches the subconscious and therefore never changes your current belief on this matter.  So with that in mind, if you currently believe that you cannot be successful, it doesn’t really matter what anyone says to you, you won’t be successful because you don’t believe you can be.

The solution to this problem is the use of certain mind power techniques which allow information to bypass the conscious mind and get directly in to the subconscious.  Many years ago I used to be in direct sales, walking into businesses and selling to the small business owner.  It was a hard job and very often if I didn’t get a sale in the morning I didn’t get one all day, as the day went on it would get worse and I would think I am never going to get a sale today, and invariably I wouldn’t.  I started to get into a bit of a downward spiral about my sales technique and lack of success.

Then a friend introduced me to what I am going to tell you about in a minute and everything changed.  I started to make sales again and started to believe in my own abilities as a sales person.  So I know from personal experience that this trick does really work.


You will need 2 bits of equipment

A loud ticking clock, if you have an I phone there is an app you can download which is just as good and it is free! You will also need string of beads, a long chunky bead necklace is excellent, make sure it has around 50 beads.

The principle behind this trick is to keep the conscious mind occupied with the ticking  clock, while you speak directly to your subconscious.  When I first started using this method as a sale person, my mantra was “I will make a sale tomorrow” and it worked, then I upped the ante to “I will make a sale on my first call tomorrow” that worked too, of course once I got that first sale, the rest of the day was quite easy.  Once I was confident with the first sale, I changed my mantra to “I will sell $XXXX tomorrow” and so on.  I got so good at sales that it wasn’t long before I got promoted to sales team leader!

To carry this reprogramming out successfully you need to get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.  Make sure you are fully relaxed and will not be interrupted or distracted by anything else going on. You need to be close enough to the clock so you can focus in on the rhythm of the ticking.  Have the beads in your hands and with every bead you touch say your mantra out loud. You should say it at least 50 times twice a day.  Once you have changed one of your beliefs you can go on the change others, the more you do this, the better you will get at it and you will see amazing changes in yourself and your circumstances.  All you need it to believe it will work.




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