Under The Bus Where He Left Her …

Under The Bus Where He Left Her

“A true life account of the inadequacy between a man’s lustful desires              

And his deceit    .. .      When push comes to shove


Guy&Ellen-Sep'10 900x192

Carefully plotted and analytical are his tactics, with only one true goal does he have in mind

…  To capture her for his use, his very selfish needy and bent reality ~

Not without outright boldface lies, if that is what it takes to keep her at bay, to keep her from discovering that he is not in genuine sync with the image in which he has been portraying to her.

Keeping her always at a cool distance from ever discovering his true identity and in doing so he denies her a just and fair relationship to her very surroundings. Sought after like prey in his captivation, a coat of any colors shall suffice his character as best to fool to her judgments.

While taking in the splendor of developing love she shares of herself honestly with depth and intrinsic truths … she never the wiser to know.

There will be an occurrence that naturally presents disaccord in a fashion be taken into account for given the foundations of his fiber that have already been laid out.

When daunting as peculiar far fetched counter-inconsistency she realizes that his mood, character and behavior are not matching anything close to the norm of expected toleration’s and quite, as matter of fact, nowhere near hitting their mark.

There shall be no answers, just ignorance as culpability together with “oblivious?”

Leaves her no other indicators except the one’s that are sounded blatantly and eerily off with pitch-tossed upon her doorstep.  So suddenly what ‘couldn’t be’ changed to ‘ever obvious’.

Horrifically she must denounce that she has been duped and the grand visage is unveiled.

Another rat-bastard has been exposed.

The fair lady always left to pick up the pieces and brush herself off with unsettling nausea and disdainful disgust.

aeh/gm | 2011


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