Stop Thinking, Start Acting!

It’s Time To Stop Making Excuses and Start Living.

Why is it so important to start today? Why can’t things wait until tomorrow, or maybe the day after that? Or how about next week, or when we have the money, resources, time, blah, blah, blah!


It’s important to start today because putting things off just means that you’re feeding the cycle of making excuses.      

You can’t actively take part in your life while passively waiting for things to happen for you. Waiting doesn’t accomplish anything, at least not when you’re looking to change your life. Plus, why would you want to waste even another moment if you can get started on your new and improved life today?

Complacency and stagnation are the death of personal advancement.

You only have this life to live, so you might as well get the best out of it.

Start by making a list of the things you want! Maybe you wanted to travel to a specific place or learn another language. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your dreams. If you’re planning on really improving your life because you’re feeling defeated, depressed or miserable, you may want to start with things that would have an immediate impact on your self-esteem.

Set reasonable goals: For example, losing five pounds within a month, signing up with a gym, looking for a new job, etc. Anything that allows you to actively take a step further towards the person you want to be, while making you feel good about the fact that you’re taking action, is a worthwhile activity to engage in. If you don’t have the money for a gym, make time for walks. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way!

Dreams sh’meams right everyone? Why do we dream of doing things? Going after things? Accomplishing things? Have you ever noticed how easily children “dream”? We start off as pure beings of innocence – no baggage, no scars, no traumas. Then, for some reason as we become adults, our dreams and belief in our selves gets skewed somehow … leaving us with a dim flame and deep unfulfillment.

Here are some common self-sabotaging thoughts that can creep into our precious (and powerful) minds and begin to stomp out that fire in our hearts. When these thoughts present themselves STOP them.

Be mindful of your own thoughts and do yourself a favor by immediately stopping that negative inner dialogue and replacing it with thoughts of what you do want together with praise for what you have accomplished.  Keep on track!

When you’re thinking: “But, I’m too “old” to go after my dream/s now! I have a family, a mortgage, a decent job … maybe in my next life.”
Tell yourself: Listen to me good. You have ONE life to live as the person you are today. This isn’t a dress rehearsal – this is the show! You should never hinder yourself from pursuing anything your heart desires no matter what age you are or what stage of life you’re in. Life is supposed to be about no regrets – don’t end up regretting the things you never did! If you have a desire, put it to work and start planning. No, you can’t just up and drop your current life, patience will be needed … but the point is, you can do it.


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