How to Enter the Writer’s Cramp


Write a STORY or POEM about rediscovering a long ignored talent.
New to the Cramp? Check out “How to Enter the Writer’s Cramp for information about how to enter.
Make sure you include your word count for stories (1000 words or less) or a line count for poems (40 lines or less) IN your forum post with the b-item link to your entry in order to be a qualified entry.


*Star* How to ENTER “The Writer’s Cramp:
Just go to the Cramp itself using the link above, and look for the most recent prompt under “WINNER AND NEW PROMPT” subject line. A new prompt is posted around NOON each day (WDC time) and once a new prompt is posted, the previous prompt is no longer accepting entries.
Click on the most recent “WINNER AND NEW PROMPT” message, read the prompt, and then write a story or poem that fits the prompt — creating a STATIC item in your portfolio. You will only have 24 hours or less to do this, depending on when you read the prompt.
*Star* HOW to create a STATIC ITEM: See How To Create an Item from Writing.Com 101
Once the story or poem is in your portfolio, it is given an ID#. You go back to “The Writer’s Cramp and click “Post a New Message” to submit your entry via bitem link.
*Star* HOW to create “b-item” LINKS
Using the b-item link tag, post your entry (make sure you include a word count if it’s a story or line count if it’s a poem IN YOUR FORUM POST). Stories are limited to 1000 words or less, poems to 40 lines or less.
Using your item ID#, you put the number inside the squiggly brackets as below:
{b-item:########} replacing the #’s with the actual ID#, which will create a b-item link.
So, for instance, THIS item has THIS Item ID# 1633129 which is found above the title of the item.
So, if I were to enter this in the Cramp, I would click on “Post a New Message” and then type this:
Subject line: My Entry (or something similar)
Text box for message:
Word Count = 897 words

ID: 1633129 (Rated: E)
How to Enter the Writer’s Cramp
For newbies who are not sure how to enter the Cramp …
by Sophy (163)

See WritingML Help for b-item for more help.
Remember to include a word count for stories (1000 words or less) or a line count for poems (40 lines or less) in your forum post or your item will not be considered.
If you have any other questions please email me directly — do NOT post them in the Cramp as they will be suspended/deleted.


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