Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust

Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust


Well, I’ll be damned
Here comes your ghost again
But that’s not unusual It’s just that the moon is full
And you happened to call

And here I sit hand on the telephone
Hearing a voice I’d known a couple of light years ago
Heading straight for a fall

As I remember your eyes were bluer than robin’s eggs
My poetry was lousy you said where are you calling from?
A booth in the Midwest

Ten years ago I bought you some cuff links you brought me something
We both know what memories can bring

They bring diamonds and rust

Well, you burst on the scene, already a legend
The unwashed phenomenon the original vagabond
You strayed into my arms and there you stayed
Temporarily lost at sea the Madonna was yours for free
Yes, the girl on the half-shell could keep you unharmed

Now I see you standing with brown leaves falling around and snow in your hair

Now you’re smiling out the window of that crummy hotel

Over Washington Square
Our breath comes out white clouds mingles and hangs in the air
Speaking strictly for me
We both could have died then and there

Now you’re telling me you’re not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it you who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague

‘Cause I need some of that vagueness now It’s all come back too clearly
Yes, I once loved you dearly
And if you’re offering me diamonds and rust
I’ve already paid


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